What is important in a business

Building experiences that translate into sales

Digital Business Plan.

Design your dream, and build a project consistent with your business objectives.

Sales experience.

Before starting to build a project it is important to analyze the whole user experience.

Building your Digital Store.

Now is the time to establish the user experience, visual identity, and content resources.

Understand your brand and your goals, then define the best digital solution for your venture…

Catalina Rubiano

Let’s define the Business Plan:

Together we are going to understand how to start organizing our sales plan. The important thing is to recognize our environment and outline a plan for success.

  • Evaluation of your Digital Ecosystem. 

  • Definition of Objectives, Work Plan, and KPIs.

  • Design of the structure of your Store and Metrics Plan.

Sales Experience and Leads Plan:

I understand that many times the easiest answer is to copy the recipe of others, but it will never be the same, our work starts when we understand the user experience as an art and not an obligation. At this point, we are going to design experiences that impact and achieve sales.

The creation of the experience includes:

  • Digital content creation and simplification strategy according to your objectives and type of client.

  • Market analysis and best practices.

  • Simplification techniques to connect experiences and secure payments.

  • Leads Acquisition Plan.

Construction of your project:

Launch your project through:

  • Creation of your store plans.

  • Design your store in an easy way – Frictionless.

  • Launching your online store.

  • Results analysis and evaluation plan.


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